Power yoga is my jam!! I started a power practice after hurting my knee and I could not be happier. I practiced ashtanga for 8 years before my shift to hot yoga and within months I signed up for teacher training. Off I went to Sedona Az for an intense empowering week of Baptiste Power Yoga teacher training. Level 1 and Level 2, Art of Assisting and Advanced Art of Assisting all completed through Baptiste. Baron is my teacher but Paige Elenson is my mentor, she and Baron co-created the Africa Yoga Project and I was so amazed by the work this community did I knew I had to be a part of it. April 2017 I jetted off to Nairobi, Kenya to be on the Assisting team for their 200 hour teacher training and I was changed forever. AYP empowers marginalized youth in and around Africa changing lives one breath at a time.
My son, husband and two chihuahuas are my life, yoga is my passion. I love to be of service and share this wonderful practice of yoga.


Nikki Oort

​What a treasure it is to be fully present. What began as a challenge for the body soon turned into a healing force in Nicole’s life. Yoga has become medicine for the mind, body, and soul for Nicole. It has offered a safe place to heal and a space for reconnection to herself. ​To have a chance to share what it means to be fully present and how reconnecting with one’s breath can have lasting effects on and off ones mat is a dream come true.  After years of making a habit out of breath holding, to reconnect and learn the power of the breath has been soul transforming. It is continually shaping a calm mind and a constant reminder of the beauty of staying present. To see these things take place in others as well is a continuous reminder for further pursuing of her own personal growth on and off the mat. ​She enjoys sharing a calm and relaxed place for others to reconnect with their own present moments. Along with laughter and love she believes being present in each moment is essential to enjoying our experiences in life on and off of our mats. Her intention is that you show up to keep learning, growing, and allow your walls to come down in order to discover your own personal intentions in life.​ Nicole took her teacher training 200 RYT in the fall of 2015 with Michele Theroet, thru Empowered Yoga.  During her training she also took her Restorative Yoga training with Empowered Yoga. In 2017 she took her Yin training with Brandon Jacobs and Heather Gazely. Living fast paced lives, her belief of slowing down is essential. Allowing the body and mind time to slow down and relax is something that deeply interests her. Yin is her passion and she loves sharing with others the space and tools to reconnect with ones breath, body, and mind. ​When Nicole is not on her mat she is likely to have her camera in hand.  Capturing things, people, and life in their rawest form is a huge passion of hers. She is a busy mom of two boys always on the hunt for an adventure. She cannot get enough of making others laugh and helping them embrace all those awkward moments that remind one how beautiful it is to be human


Alyssa started practicing yoga to compliment her training as a technical dancer. After 17 years, she retired from that sport and yoga became her vice. Our bodies crave movement, and yoga is a great way to work into those dark corners of the body. Along the way she found that yoga practice is so much more than just the postures. Yoga is every inch of who we are as we live and breathe. It’s the calm, serene, clear minded moments. Yoga is energy and fiery passion. Yoga is grace. 

Through love of healing the human body Alyssa became a 2200hr Registered Massage Therapist in 2015 and a 200hr Yoga Instructor with Empowered Yoga in December 2016. The self care of others has become her passion and the sole purpose of her being. 

The practice prepares you for life off the mat which is why I believe that yoga should be accessible to all. Through modifications and variations, my classes will always be a safe space for all levels and all ages to practice, play, cultivate self love and to just be. My mission is to empower you though self care and delicious body work, creating the necessary platform for healing, growth, and transformation.


My yoga journey began like many others. I started attending hot yoga classes about 8 years ago mainly as a workout. As a previous dancer, I felt as though the poses and alignment was something that came natural. It wasn’t until I began a dedicated yoga practice that I realized that yoga is so much more than just the postures. I began to really understand everything that a yoga had to offer physically, mentally and emotionally. I fell in love with how personal a yoga practice can be. Instead of solely being lead by my ego, I lead my yoga practice by listening to what my body needs each day which varies so much. I have always felt a love caring for others which lead me into a career of nursing. Although I love my job, the long hours and shift work can be extremely mentally and physically draining. I needed something else to keep me grounded, which lead me to taking my 200 hr yoga teacher training with Empowered Yoga in the fall of 2016. My goal as an instructor is to guide you through a practice that allows you to play on you mat and step to your edge while still listening to your body. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my love of this practice with the Pure Yoga community!


               Something happens when we practice yoga. Whether we are in a room, in a field, on a beach, on a mountain.... something shakes us and brings us to the understanding that yoga feels like 'home'. As my practice deepened, I certified in Level 1 and 2 Baptiste Power Yoga and Art of Assisting ( June 2015). I softened the edges with Yin training, Sattva Kids yoga and as many workshops and festivals that I can sink into. I am also AFLCA certified and instruct many forms of fitness.  I encourage you to take your practice to another level on and off the mat.  Be brave. Be bold.  Create Space and see that yoga is already in you.





Charlene Smith is a woman determined to inspire love for the self in mind,body and spirit. After living through  a coming of age story filled with self-doubt, a strict upbringing filled with expectations resulting in a breakdown of mind and body at the age of 21, yoga became the outlet to find strength, self-love and grace. A dancer by nature and academic by trade, Charlene's quest for self discovery and actualization has come full circle by becoming a yoga teacher.

Charlene has been practicing yoga, diving into meditation and discovering the brilliance of harmonizing the bodies energetic system through dance for several years. From the moment she began teaching yoga in 2013, her love and passion to create a healthy world has grown profoundly.Understanding the power of the breath, building a body of confidence,and of course always returning back to the spiritual center lays the foundation of Charlene's approach. Join her for a practice filled with love, challenge and mindful movement. 


          I started yoga back in university after leaving competitive sports. I will never forget my first class and how a posture as simple as child's pose gave me relief from chronic pain I was experiencing. I practiced for many years gaining back mobility and freedom from pain. I decided that I wanted to help others to heal as well and decided to take my 200hr training with YogaWorks. After I started teaching I realized I wanted to take a step further and took my 500hr training in Yoga therapy. Using breath work, Thai massage, Asana, Ayurveda, and meditation to weave an individual practice to wellness. Yoga is just not an hour on the mat everyday, I am here to offer tools to extend your practice to your life.



Initially Krystal pursued yoga as a physical practice but as she continued on her path she realized that practicing yoga had become so much more. It was her teacher’s subtle messages and quiet whisperings of the spiritual side of yoga and then the healing and inner strength she began to feel within herself that called her back over and over again. Yoga felt like home. Her heart had found its passion. 

It was about two years into her yoga journey that people began to ask her if she was an instructor. She took that question as a tap on the shoulder from the Universe as to what the next step in her journey was. She completed my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training through Yogalife Studios in April of 2018 and began teaching in Studio in October of 2018. She loves teaching Vinyasa flow. Though she will continue to learn and train as an instructor, she will always be a student of the practice. 

She is grateful for the strong foundation in which that training provided, and the beautiful group of souls who took that journey with her. 

She is passionate about sharing her love of Yoga and teaches with an authentic and fun approach. She is extremely dedicated to creating a nurturing and safe environment for students to support inward focus and exploration of the body, mind and spirit for yogis of all levels.


 Tanya’s love of movement began at the tender age of 5 with her first pair of tap shoes. Her passion for dance grew throughout childhood competing in many disciplines of dance and briefly dancing professionally as a young adult. Tanya spent most of her adult life working in communications as an On-Air television personality, but fell in love with yoga during that time. “Discovering yoga was such a gift. It took me back to those feelings of exhilaration, exploration and space for my own expression that the practice of dance had provided during my youth”.  The exploration of yoga as more than just movement became a strong passion for Tanya. Seeking the spiritual knowledge behind the practice, Tanya recently embarked on a 5 year spiritual journey travelling around the world taking in as many trainings and yoga retreats as she could. Based for 5 years with her husband in Saudi Arabia, Tanya received over 500 hours of training overseas with certifications in Vinyasa, Advanced Vinyasa Anatomy and Sequencing, Children’s Yoga, Prenatal, Hatha/Yin, and Restorative. Since returning to Canada Tanya has put down roots in Fort Saskatchewan and is thrilled to be a member of both Pure Yoga team and the keen yoga community in Fort Saskatchewan. With an emphasis on strong foundation, injury prevention and restoration, Tanya’s classes are accessible to all levels as she craftily creates challenging sequences with modifications and variations to allow every Yogi to create their own dance and expression on the mat. Tanya believes when we allow our hearts and minds to connect to the rhythm and flow of our bodies, all of life becomes a beautiful dance. 


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