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Studio Etiquette

What to Bring:
~Yoga Mat
~Water Bottle 
~Comfortable work out clothing
If you do not have a yoga mat or towel, dont worry! You can rent a mat ($3.00), a mat towel ($3.00), and a bath towel ($2.00) at the front desk.
~Please arrive 15-20 minutes before class to give you enough time to sign in and change before entering the hot room. Class will begin on time and late commers are not permitted. Class availability is subject to room capacity.
~Sign in before entering change room or hot room
~ Remove outdoor footwear in front lobby
~Do not bring personal items into hot room and leave valuable items at home
~ Please be quiet in hallway when class is in session 
~In the hot room please observe silence to respect the people around you. 
~ Please stay in the hot room until the instructor closes the class with "Namaste"
Thank- you for following the studio guidelines and respectging your fellow yogis 
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